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Please check out the following links/sites for goods, services, and sites I believe in and endorse:

  • Appalachian Outdoor Readiness and Essentials: (website coming soon)-Storefront located at 198 N21st Street (Downstairs from Magnolias)  Purcellville, VA 20132 and opens 11/16/13.  The Mission of Appalachian Outdoor Readiness & Essentials is to enable and inspire ourcustomers to Self Reliance and Readiness by delivering a nexus of top quality products,training, and above all, service. Along with the message of Readiness, we will also striveto promote appreciation of the outdoors with a focus on Camping, hiking, Conservationand stewardship. Our Focus is on becoming the supplier of choice for scouts, hikers,campers, and Prepppers in Loudoun County and the Central Appalachian Region. We carry camping and Hiking equipment and apparel as well as Emergency Preparedness  gear and equipment. Water Purification/ Water Storage/ Long term Food Storage/ First Aid Kits, Custom Go Bags, Back up Power, etc. In addition, we will carry the full line of DoTerra Essential Oils and featuring name brands includeing CAMELBAK, Goal Zero, WISE foods, WATERBRICK,  Industrial Revolution, KIDDE, Merrell, VASQUE, Katadyn, 511, SOG, and MORE!

    Method Defense Systems: –Method Defense Systems has developed a series of discreet deployable defensive barriers made from Homeshield Armor(TM), a military grade armor plate, geared towards defensive applications for home and small business. All of their products are intended to be easy to install in an existing structure, reasonably priced, and provide true ballistic protection while blending in with the decor of any home, office, or business. Currently their products include deployable barriers for windows and doors, modular reinforced rooms, and armorized furniture that can be configured as a fast deployable tactical defensive position. Additionally, they can custom-build around a client’s needs.

    Hager Watches:
    Hager watches is an American Company that makes watches of an outstanding quality and price.  The automatic models are GREAT SEPS gear.

    Calvary Knives:   Calvary Knives are made in the USA and offer a wide variety of functional top quality knives.

    Gunslinger Arms:   Gunsliner Arms is a full service firearms company with a store front in Manassas, VA, as well as appearances at many shows in the Virginia/DC area.  In addition to firearms, they also manufacture steel targets and more.

    Blind Horse Knives:  Blind Horse Knives are known for excellence in the knife making community, and have a great selection of knives for all your prepping needs.


  • Mario Orsini-Illustionist&Magician:  Mario is an amazing entertainer.  As an illusionist and magician, Mario entertains with a stunning act full of unbelievable illusions, mind-blowing tricks, and great comedy.


  • Press/Promo Event for National Geogrphic Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers”: 2-4 Novmeber 2012

    Jay Blevins is one of our preppers from season 2 of Doomsday Preppers.  He recently participated in a  press trip at the Greenbrier Resort in West Va and taught the group self-defense moves.  All the guests found his techniques to be very useful and he provided great insights into prepping and why it is so important to always be prepared in case a catastrophic event were to occur.  He was a great addition to our trip.

    —National Geographic Channel

    The Writer’s Center: 5 October 2012

    On behalf of the Writers Center-Leesburg Committee, I want to thank you all for a wonderful presentation on October 5.  The program was inspiring and so great to hear four different stories about how you got to your success.  Thank you again for coming to speak and share your experiences.

    -Review written by Louise Baxter, Co-Chair, The Writer’s Center-Leesburg

    Front Royal Christians in Business: 23 April 2012

    Jay Blevins spoke to the Front Royal Christians in Business Luncheon in the Spring of 2012.  He was great, and very well received.  Our attendees enjoyed listening to his testimony and how the Lord is working through Jay and his writing.

    -Review written by Bret Hrbek, director of Front Royal Christians in Business.

    Capitol Christian Writers: 11 July 2011

    Jay Blevins’ talk to our writers group had the audience enthralled and engaged. Covering content tailored for our group, he punctuated his talk with personal anecdotes that spurred audience interaction and questions. We highly recommend Jay as a speaker.

    -Review written by Sarah Hamaker, Capitol Christian Writers (

    Community Literary Jam: 3 April 2011

    Jay Blevins, author of The Last Fall, is not only an excellent writer who has produced an inspiring book, he is also an interesting and engaging speaker.  On April 3, 2011, Jay was the featured author at the Community Literary Jam held at the Round Hill Arts Center in Round Hill, VA.

    The Community Literary Jam is open to writers of all ages to provide them an opportunity to introduce their work to the public. There was a full house the day Jay appeared. After reading a passage from The Last Fall, Jay spent the rest of his allotted time speaking on the process of writing his book, encouraging writers to follow their dreams and fielding questions from those in attendance eager to learn more.

    I was so impressed by Jay’s knowledge, willingness to share, and engaging speaking style I asked  him to consider speaking at the 2012 Pennwriters Conference.  I know that Jay will do a great job for you as well.

    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or require more information.

    -Review written by Bobbi Carducci, Author and Director Young Voices Foundation (

    The Believers Book Club:  10 February 2011

    The Believers Book Club was blessed to have Jay speak to the group on February 10, 2011.  The organization has been in existence for the last 6 years and meets monthly with 8-12 members each month.

    Jay’s book The Last Fall was highly rated by the group and everyone was delighted to have him come and speak so candidly and eloquently about his writing career and plans for future books. During our discussion he shared how he developed the characters and the story as well as giving anecdotes of his experience in publishing his first novel.

    The group agreed the book was a riveting read and kept them on the edge of their seats.  Jay said his goal was to get the gospel message out to the world in a creative way and we believe he did just that.

    – Review written by S. Jami Dittmeier, Co-host of the Believer’s Book Club, and co-owner of the Christian Shoppe in Purcellville, VA (

  • Endorsements for Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS): Mental, Physical, and Spiritual readiness for uncertain times (coming fall 2012 from OakTara publishers):

    “Jay Blevins has written a thought provoking, easy to read emergency preparedness book that even the most seasoned emergency response personnel would benefit from reading. In a decade with the fire service, I’ve responded to disasters including floods and blizzards, and too often encounter people who are unprepared or under-prepared for these situations. His book has made me take a good long look at my own preparations and I will make good use of the journal included in Blevins’ book.”

    Christina Earl Firefighter/EMT- Laurel Volunteer Fire Department

    “What Jay manages to do with this booklet is take the subject of survival and the preparedness lifestyle, both of which have been viewed by masses who have never perceived present need of such a way of thinking as foreign and extreme, to those very same masses in a common sense way that will appeal to them on a basic, primal level.  This booklet follows a course for the beginner or the experienced survivor that will awake the spirit and prime the mind to prepare an environment where survival even in the worst of circumstances will be possible.  That is a place where too few of us are, and I am glad that someone has shown the way in a clear, concise, and engaging format that will appeal to others as well as it appealed to me.” 

    -Damien T. Gardner – Owner/Blade Maker, Calvary Knives LLC (

    “Jay Blevins has written a “must read” for all families! Whether you are a full time Prepper or someone who has never thought about being prepared in an emergency, this book is for you!  It makes you realize that we are all vulnerable yet it is not necessary to be in a panic, just necessary to be prepared! This booklet helped me discover why I want to be completely prepared if or when anything were to happen and it has helped me to start getting the supplies necessary to do so!  What a great idea to add a note taking section, this book helped me to organize the list of things I would need and also add to my list some things I would have never thought to grab in an emergency. This is a complete preparation guide that will be one of the things that I keep with me, just in case!”

    -Katie Bryson, Co-Owner, Airworks, Inc. and work at home mom

    “Jay Blevins made us think hard about the consequences of life choices in his acclaimed novel, The Last Fall.  Now, Jay’s provoking us to think about consequences of events we have little or no control over in our daily lives.  He uses practical, common sense while touching on a harsh reality:  a measure of advanced planning can help people survive the unexpected and reduce suffering in body and spirit.  I intend to apply what I learned from Jay’s suggestions on how to not panic (for ultimately we know God is in control), and to implement a plan to be as prepared as possible for the “what if?”  Jay’s book can help save lives – physically and spiritually.”

    – T. Elizabeth Renich, author of the Shadowcreek Chronicles (

    “A very informative booklet that will become a reference guide for your life.  I especially liked the part on ‘preparing for events in your area’ This is something that should be read very carefully.  An easy reading booklet with a note taking section.  Well done!”

    -L.T. Wright, co owner of Blind Horse Knives and Self Reliance Illustrated magazine (

     “Jay provides a practical, systematic, and comprehensive game plan for survival in SEPS which highlights the critical and often overlooked needs of our souls.  After the spirit is broken, the body will soon fail in response and Jay succinctly articulates this reality while leading us to the Truth that sets us free.  There are myriads of survival and preparedness manuals and theories available for the intrepid and keen to survive but Jay’s SEPS is the only manual I am aware of that is comprehensive to the degree of preparing to survive even the end of our lives and into eternity with God.  Well done Jay!  Keep the faith my brother.”

    Patrick J. G. Troy, Founder & Independent Operator – LMS Academy, “Permaneo Vir Superstes!” (

  • A personal note from Jay: “The following letters are a few that touched me on a deep level.  I revisit feedback like this often, as it helps me to stay focused and motivated as a writer.  There are many rewards to writing…but none greater than knowing you touched or inspired someone through your work.”

    -Jay Blevins 1 October 2012-

    (Copied from a card, written in longhand, dated 3-27-11)


    The great lesson I learned from reading The Last Fall is to reconnect with your family, friends, and persons you have done wrong.  I have done that with the 1st person on my list.  Praise God.

    I have learned to lean on God more and let Him work it out.  I have stopped asking God “why me?” when things go wrong.  I am soooo grateful to God for what he has done for me and is still doing.

    Your book turned on so many lights for me Jason.  Your book will stay by my bed so I can continue to take the course of The Last Fall 101.

    Jason, maybe we will meet face to face one day J

    Thank you,

    Evelyn Cope (87 years young)


    (The following review was posted on author T. Elizabeth Renich’s website in the “Read and Reviewed”

    The Last Fall

    by Jay Blevins/Published by OakTara Press 

    My dear friend and walking partner let me borrow a copy of a book that had been lent to her by another friend.  It is called “The Last Fall” by Jay Blevins, and it is a story about Eric Stafford, a man who receives a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with an estimated short time left to live.  Eric re-evaluates his life – where he has been, where he currently is, and where he might end up if changes aren’t made.  He was not a nice guy, had made his share of mistakes and deliberate actions, and learned everything has consequences.  With the help of two friends, he makes a list and sets out to accomplish the goals he has established.  The book gives the account of the journey toward Eric’s final days paved with restitution and requests for forgiveness, as needed.  It is a story of twists and turns, of contrition and redemption.  I found it amazing to watch the change in Eric when he discovers God’s grace, because he was a different man on the last page of the book than he was on the first – and no one can make such drastic changes without God’s help.

    The story is set in the DC-Virginia area, so not only did I identify with the places, I also found a couple of  names of people I know in the Acknowledgements (Pastor Gary Hamrick and author Trish Perry), which made it even more fun to dig into the story.

    Being a cancer survivor, Beth was sensitive to how I might feel about reading this book, bless her heart.  It was a good read and I enjoyed it because it was thought-provoking, as it provided a good reminder that life holds few guarantees and that eternity awaits us all.  Life is short and it will not last forever – but it is our choice where we will spend eternity…  with God, or without Him.  I choose with Him – I hope you do, too!     — t.elizabeth (12-Mar-2011)


    (The following is an excerpt from a Facebook message dated 27 June 2011)

    I know I told you this before but your book has really impacted me more than you’ll ever know. I have a different outlook on life and my familial relationships! I let my step dad read the book (not a Christian) and now he is asking all the right questions to wanting to know Christ as his Saviour!!! To that…I will always be thankful to you. You are a vessel being used by God, my friend!!!

    Please hurry and write another book soon. Your book is one that I couldn’t put down!!! I can’t wait for the next one!! Never stop letting the Lord work through you, my friend!! You have a gift!!! Thank God you are using it to glorify Him!!!

    Kimberly Condon Ahlemann

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