Why do (should) you prep?

Why do (should) you prep?

In the last 10 weeks I’ve been busier than any other time in my life.  On 2 November 2012, my latest book, Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS) was released by OakTara Publishers (www.oaktara.com).  I then began a media tour that included not only book signings but also interviews for major print media (Washington Post, USA Today, Agence France Press), dozens of interviews for domestic and international radio shows, and a handful of TV appearances to include Doomsday Preppers, Access Hollywood Live, The Steve Harvey Show, and the Jane Velez-Mitchell Show.  Among the myriad of questions presented in these venues, the main question I’m asked is, “why do you prep?”

That’s today’s million dollar question!  WHY DO YOU PREP?  Of course what most people are asking is the underlying question, which is WHY SHOULD I PREP?

Prepping, also called emergency preparedness, survivalism, and self-reliance (or as I call it “SEPS”) is the knowledge, plans, supplies, and networking a person or group of people has in place in order to survive under emergency or exigent circumstances.

Here are four reasons (and links to a few articles that illuminate the reasons­) I prep and why you should too.

I prep (and you should) because since the year 2000, over 1 million people have died due to natural disasters, terrorist attacks, armed conflict, and economic/political crisis.  Millions more have been adversely and seriously affected by the aforementioned calamities (See my SEPS book for sources on this information).

I prep (and you should) because the Federal, state and local governments are NOT prepared to take care of everyone in large-scale disasters.  Just look at Hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, the record tornadoes of 2011, or the current flu epidemic where hospitals and ER’s are turning people away (http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/06/opinion/flynn-storms-preparation/index.html?c=us&page=1).

I prep (and you should) because the global economy, and specifically the US economy, are more unstable than almost any time in modern history and provide a serious risk to people (http://www.irinnews.org/Report/97241/World-Economic-Forum-report-offers-view-of-global-risks).

Last but not least, I prep (and you should) because of my wife, my children, and others who depend on me to take care of them, no matter what the circumstances are.  Who depends on you?

I can’t predict the future and can’t say what tomorrow holds.  But I base my reasons for prepping on history, research, and the same logic that causes me to purchase health, life, home, and auto insurance.  But 40 years from now, if I spent some time and money prepping and there was never really a need for it, I won’t regret it.  But I promise, if 40 minutes from now there is some calamity that required some prepping, and you hadn’t done it, you will regret it.  Have the foresight now to take a little time to research the topic more and come up with preps you’re comfortable with.

What about you?  Tell me your main reason(s) for prepping.  What catastrophe or emergency do you think is most likely to lead to a situation where prepping would come in handy.  Or maybe you don’t prep….why not?




  • Ruby J. B.

    Hi Jay ~ I really enjoyed and was impressed by, the introduction to your way of thinking about prepping when watching Nat Geo this week. Especially your knowledge of home defense/self defense and your ability to demonstrate that. You stood out among most of the other preppers profiled as having knowledge I can relate to (and aspire to) as solid common sense. You have inspired me to get some more training and practice somehow in this busy life…. I really enjoyed your segment of the show. THANKS!! (and as a side note, those screened face masks your crew had were really cool, and I wonder where to get them?)

    • jay2042WRITES

      Thanks for your feedback! Trying really hard to put out a balanced, well researched approach to prepping, and reach others with it. If you have a chance, check out my book, Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS), please do. If you like it, tell others about it. It’s a great foundation for prepping! I’ll also be on the Today show this Friday teaching more self defense stuff. I talked to my buddy about the masks, and here is where he got them: http://www.evike.com/index.php?cPath=30_154.
      Thanks again for your feedback, and God bless!

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