Writing? Prepping? Faith? What topics would you like to discuss?


What an exciting year 2012 has been!

Since beginning the press/promotion tour for my newest book, Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS): Mental, Physical, and Spiritual readiness for uncertain times, and for the second season of Doomsday Preppers (our episode was entitled ‘Bad Times all the Time’), I’ve been traveling the country both physically, on the radio waves, and virtually!  I’ve done dozens of radio interviews on major markets/syndicated  programs, have been interviewed both online and in print media to include the Washington Post and USA Today, and have traveled to places like LA, the Greenbriar Resort in WVA, and Chicago for NatGeo, and shows like Access Hollywood Live, and The Steve Harvey Show.

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some great people both in person, through social media, and via email.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made these events possible; from my family and friends, my WP network, the folks at National Geographic Channel, to the hard workers at OakTara Publishers-you’ve all been instrumental in this journey, and my heartfelt thanks go out to all of you!


I’ll continue to speak and do appearances for the SEPS book in 2013, and I also plan to add some great sections to this site, to include a survivor/prepper spotlight, a bi-weekly product review/spotlight, and of course, a weekly blog.  If time permits, I’ll be doing some teaching/consulting on the side as it pertains to writing, prepping, and matters of faith.


So now I need your input!  What has worked?  What hasn’t?  What would you like to see on this site.  And most importantly, what topics matter to you?  What topics do you want to discuss here over the next year?  Speak now, or forever hold your peace.  In addition to your input, I plan to flip back and forth between topics  such as Prepping, Writing, and matters of Faith (not necessarily in that order).  For me, these issues are related, and can come together on several levels.  So take a minute and let your voice be heard.

And thanks again for all of your support in 2012.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and here’s to a bright and prosperous 2013…unless of course it all comes to an end on 12/21/12 ;-).  JUST KIDDING!

God bless you all!


  • Katie Bryson

    I would love to see great deals on things that are useful for prepping and some ratings on those things that are new technology coming out on the market.
    It would also be great to hear your opinions on the progress of the matters that effect our lives as preppers and where the state of those matter stand and how they are evolving. And even how those matters may pertain to biblical writings. Hope that makes some sense! Good luck, I’m sure whatever you write will be very informative.

  • Collin Dorton

    I was wondering if you would discuss about other writers on how to get published like you did. I am a writer as well, and would like to pursue a part time career in writing to share the gift of reading to the world. I recently got an idea to write a novel about self preparedness based on my grandparents childhood. They grew up in the Appalachian mountains and were very self efficient. I do not want to reveal too many details as i have told two other people already and don’t want to spoil the book for everyone.

  • Just thinking about preparation against potential crisis has been very refreshing. My family had already been looking to downsize due to the long-term effects of the recent economy. Adopting the prepper mentality has allowed us to see more clearly what we don’t need, and a few things we need to set more of aside for the worst days.

    I loved seeing your non-lethal defensive stages, something too often ignored by other preppers. We have very small children and are not comfortable keeping loaded guns in our small home. Thanks to your episode of DP, we’ve adopted the pepper spray option.

    Since you’ve shared with us, I wanted to point out one small thing from the show: Window protection. All of the homes in your cul de sac have fake shutters. Why not invest in the time to create sturdy storm shutters? You can make them out of the same 1/2 Inch plywood materials you’re already using as the anti-intruder barriers.
    One capable handyman can make them in days. The whole neighborhood can paint & mount them in even less time.
    Check out this video, but there are many more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LD0qfDZSuI
    They’ll also be handy to just be used for bad weather (yeah, today ‘Nemo’ is hitting New England). Hinges set inside the sill, behind the shutter will still make them viable anti-intruder protection.

    • jay2042WRITES


      thanks for your comments. Wish we’d had more time to show other/more about how/why we prep, but with 15 minutes, I think NatGeo did a great job of telling our story. For more on why we prep, and some of the foundational steps, check out the SEPS booklet via links on this site.

      Thanks for the shutter idea, and link as well; the more preppers I meet, I realize how resourceful they/we are!

      Good luck with your continued preps, and I’ll be putting another blog out this weekend!


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